Universal Coating Systems manufactures seed coating and treating equipment and polymer systems, developed around the rotary equipment application platform.


Founded in 2006, Universal Coating Systems, LLC personnel have significant experience implementing successful rotary treating and coating systems utilizing our equipment and polymers in plants throughout the world.

Plant Design Services

Universal Coating Systems offers plant design services to help with all layout and installation needs. We will design and provide all of the equipment required for the plant installation working with your local contractors to complete the installation. At startup, Universal Coating Systems provides all equipment commissioning and training for your personnel.


Universal Coating Systems offers four production-size rotary treating/coating systems. The UniCoat treating/coating systems are offered in several sizes including the 1200 CCS (12″ system), 2500 CCS (25″ system), 3150 CCS (31.5″ system), and 4800 CCS (48″ system). All of our treating/coating systems use the latest in electronic component technology.

Our treating/coating equipment offering includes a loss-in-weight dispensing system called WIPS (Weigh-In-Place System). WIPS enables the ability to add all powdered and liquid materials to the coating system by weight providing a new level of automation and application accuracy.

In addition to being a manufacturer of treating/ coating equipment, Universal Coating Systems also offers the necessary ancillary equipment for treating/coating facilities. Such ancillary equipment includes dust collection systems, fluid bed dryers, screeners, elevators, conveyors, bagging and bag closing systems, among other solutions. These capabilities and equipment offerings allow us to design, install, and service the equipment necessary to upgrade existing facilities and implement new treating/coating plant facilities.

Polymers & Additives

Universal Coating Systems offers a complete line of both conventional and organic seed-treating and coating polymers that go hand in hand with our line of rotary treating and coating systems. Our line of polymers are sold worldwide under the UNICOAT® brand and have been used on many seed types in both treating and coating applications. UNICOAT polymers are offered in a variety of standard colors and in both liquid and powder formulations.  In addition, Universal can work with customers to formulate special colors for their application purposes.

In addition to our polymers, Universal Coating Systems has a line of additives with a wide range of purposes that improve moisture absorption, seed flowability, and appearance.