About us

About us

Universal Coating Systems (UCSYSTEMS) manufactures seed coating and treating equipment and polymer systems, developed around the rotary equipment application platform.

We have been in business since 2006, but our personnel have been manufacturing and working with rotary coating systems since 1995. We offer a combined 70 plus years of seed industry experience. We have equipment and coating plants throughout the world.

We offer four production size rotary treating/coating systems.  These unit sizes are 1200 CCS our 12” unit, 2500 CCS is our 25” system, 3150 CCS a 31.5” unit, and finally our 4800 CCS which is based on a 48” drum. All of our systems use the latest in electronic component technology.

UCSYSTEMS is the manufacturer and dealer for all of the ancillary equipment found in a coating/treating facility. This equipment includes ACT Dust collection systems, Oliver and Garratt fluid bed dryers, Sweco screeners, Deamco elevator systems, AccuRate, and Fischbein bagging and bag closing systems. This gives us the ability to service all of the customer’s needs involved in a plant installation.

We offer CAD based plant design services to help the customer with all layout and installation needs. UCSYSTEMS is NOT an international contractor. We design and provide all of the equipment required for the plant installation and then work with the customer’s trade contractors to install the plant. This does two things. First it saves the customer money by using their own contractors, and second, when the system is done they will have contractors in their area that know and understand their plant. Upon plant completion UCSYSTEMS does all equipment commissioning and training of the customer’s personnel.

We also upgraded our systems to include a loss in weight dispensing system called WIPS (Weigh In Place System). WIPS gives us the ability to add all powdered and liquid materials to the coating system by weight. WIPS offers a new level of automation and application accuracy. WIPS is currently offered as an option to our coating systems, but will soon be the system standard.

UCSYSTEMS offers a complete line of seed coating and treating polymers that go hand in hand with our line of rotary coating and treating systems. Our line of polymers is sold worldwide under the UNICOAT® brand.

UNICOAT® polymers have been used on many seed types throughout the world in both seed treatment and seed coating applications with great success. They are available in many colors and we can even formulate special colors with certain quantity requirements. UNICOAT® polymers are very competitively priced.

Offering a combined 70 plus years of seed industry experience.
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Dave Waldo founded UC Systems in 2006, but has been working with rotary coating systems since 1995.

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