Seed Coating

Unicoat Polymers

Keep your profits with the seed, not in the bag

Universal Coating Systems has over twenty years of experience in the polymer development and manufacturing business. We manufacture seed coating polymers for both seed treating and seed coating applications under the UNICOAT® brand. UNICOAT® polymers are manufactured in many different colors as well as a non-colored neutral formulation. All UNICOAT® polymer systems are manufactured to be cut to a 3:1 water to polymer ratio, so one gallon of concentrated polymer will make 4 gallons of usable solution. UNICOAT® products may also be used at smaller water to concentrate ratios if required, especially when used in film coating and encrustment applications in the vegetable seed market without affecting germination performance. UNICOAT® products have been used extensively in the seed coating market for many years. We have developed UNICOAT® products for use with many different coating materials available on the market. UNICOAT® products have been used with many treatment products and have been found to be compatible with all of today’s seed treatment materials. Universal coating Systems also has an applications testing lab at our Independence, Oregon facility where we can do applications testing in our rotary treatment systems to evaluate any products or materials a customer may want to test.