Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

Universal Coating Systems offers a complete line of lab-scale equipment including coaters and dryers for use with the small batch sizes of our 6″ and 12″ systems. We are able to offer customers a complete lab system for small-scale production needs as well as pure research platforms.

UniCoat 1200 CCS

Small production/lab-sized unit

Offered in three configurations:

Manual — Seed and additives are manually added
Semi-automated — Human Machine Interface included to control and set recipes, seed is manually added
Fully-automated — Human Machine Interface included to control seed scale as well as set recipes

12″ treating and coating chamber with spun steel machined rotor

Capable of both seed coating and treating

Semi-automated and Fully-automated units are configured with two Masterflex L/S peristaltic pumps

Control system:

Recipe input capability
PLC logic control
Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Optional add ins:

Up to two powder feeders
WIPS “weigh in place” loss in weight system for both liquid and powder applications

Lab Dryer

4- or 6-box forced air dryer

Individual box air flow dampers

Automatic PID (proportional-integral-derivative) temperature control systems

Self-contained electric heat units with integrated fans